Kiku Honda (mystiklsushi) wrote in lolocracy,
Kiku Honda


Who: Kiku and Willem
When: The evening of the 8th
Where: The roof of the Royal Cafe
What: The celebration of a one year anniversary

Kiku lit the little candles and carefully placed them in their glass holders, just in case the breeze was enough to extinguish them between now and Willem's arrival. The table was set, plates covered, and the lace tablecloth fluttered in the light breeze. It was a good night, mostly clear, and the temperature was comfortable. His clothes were simple enough, a pair of nice slacks and a plain button down, though he had fretted for an almost unreasonable amount of time on what to wear for tonight. But the mood Willem had already set with the poetry, the romance of the candlelit dinner on the roof, the fact that they were celebrating one year together; it only really made sense to come simply as he was without over complicating things. Besides, they'd already had a few themed dates on the roof by now, and tonight was more special than any of those. 

Triple checking that the paper covering the gift he'd been preparing over the past few weeks was immaculate, he waited for Willem to arrive.

Tags: adorable is how we roll, all you need is love, and remember: don't fuck it up, cute is how we roll, date night, deep convo is good for the soul, everybody loves wilm, it's a "surprise", japan, let's talk about feeeelings, make good choices, make it work, man up!, moe fucking kyun, moe level is over 9000, moe moe times, netherlands, oh god what just happened?!, royal cafe, status: incomplete, this shit just got real, this thread will give you cavities, you just went there, you look beautiful~
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