oranje_windmill (oranje_windmill) wrote in lolocracy,

Who: Willem and Kiku
When: Saturday, June 16th, 5:30 pm.
Where: Willem's apartment
What: The boys are packing up Wilm's apartment in anticipation of their impending move, and find something interesting among his things.
Warning: Recreational Drug Use

< Willem hummed softly along with the cd playing as he moved about the kitchen, pulling some of the more nonessential items and putting them into a box.

It was amusing to him, as he did so, how much extra he seemed to have acquired since he'd come to America. Which made sense, considering he'd been here almost two years, but still.

The cd came to an end just as Willem placed the last item in this particular box, the next one rotating into the play position on his system as he wrote Kitchen across the box top. He paused for a moment, curious to see which one would come on next. >
Tags: adventure time, bitch be trippin' balls, but then i got high, double rainbow; what does it mean!?, drugs and alcohol and heathens o mai, everybody loves wilm, fine night aint it, first times are always good times, funtimes in realtime, got sunshine in a bag, guys just wanna have fun, i solemnly swear i am up to no good, i'm responsible i swear, isn't that illegal?, it's a snuggleventure!, it's always the quiet ones, it's super effective!, japan, netherlands, nsfw, shenanigans!, silliness yes please, so what did happen, status: incomplete, tags are the spice of life, then i got high, this is how we do it in my country, this is your brain on drugs, you crazy kids
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