Ludwig Beilschmidt (simplyanoob) wrote in lolocracy,
Ludwig Beilschmidt

Who: Willem, Sindre and Ludwig
When: August 7, evening
Where: Willem's place
What: A 21st birthday party

Ludwig stood at Willem's door, fidgeting nervously. He had already made a fool of himself at the store buying alcohol for the first time and was really in no mood to make a fool of himself again with an awkward appearance. He frowned. Willem had invited him, hadn't he? It probably wouldn't be awkward to show up at his residence with beer, then...

Ludwig shook his head. He was just being stupid... he raised his hand and rapped smartly on the door.

Heck, it was his birthday anyway.

Tags: alcohol's a food group, germany, i swear to drunk i'm not god, netherlands, norway, status: incomplete
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