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Kiku Honda

The Talk

Who: Kiku and Willem
When: Aug 25th, afternoon
Where: The back patio of the rental house
What: Time to discuss the future.

Kiku had felt a little bold suggesting that they change the lease on their house. He knew what he was implying, and he knew that it was Serious Business. The topic wasn't money or painting the walls. It was creating a life together with Willem. And he was asking if the other was ready for more than a prearranged pay-date on the little house they had fixed up. What he was asking for had no easy out if things fell flat. Willem was still young. He was still in school. His family...

Even so, Kiku wanted to present the option. And to let him know that if Willem wanted, they could begin planning for the long term.

He stepped onto the patio, Pochi wriggling around his legs as soon as the door was open so that he could play in the grass, and set two cans of beer on the table. 

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He'd closed his computer after sending the last message, setting it aside as he stared out into the yard.

Owning a house. With Kiku. It idea he'd toyed with from time to time. Was finding it increasingly hard to think about a future where he and Kiku weren't an official, permanent thing, with a home and jobs and settled life style.

But there was also the Dutch passport in his bedside table to think about, as well as the student visa in his wallet. Was that something he wanted to turn into something more permanent as well?

He looked up when the door opened, smiling a bit as he saw the beer the other man was holding. Opening one he took a drink, letting his thoughts whirl a little bit more as he gestured for Kiku to take a seat.
Kiku sank into his chair, pulling open the can tab with a satisfying hiss. The weather was pleasant, if still a bit hot in the afternoon. Pochi ran around trying to catch crickets and other insects when he wasn't distracted with his own tail.

"The grass is getting a little tall," he commented. Maybe tomorrow they could do a little work in the garden. Or even tonight in the cool of the evening.

He took a draught of beer, crossing his legs to be more comfortable. The serious talking would begin when it was ready. He wasn't going to rush Willem.
"I'll cut it this weekend," he promised. He watched Pochi play for another moment, couldn't help but smile as the dog stopped mid lunge after a cricket to turn and chase his own tail.

"I want a future with you, and I've thought about it being in this house," he admitted after another moment. "But I've also thought about the fact that I'm here on a student visa and how bad the housing market will probably be when it expires."
"What are you planning to do when you graduate?"

They hadn't had much chance to talk about this yet. The next big changes in their lives were all going to be Willem's. Finishing school, finding a job. His family had plans for him, yes, but he had been showing signs of rebellion from them for quite a while. Kiku was not really worried that he would go back to the Netherlands...But at the same time, he wasn't sure what the job market was like for people with his boyfriend's degree. Hearing that Willem wanted a future with him, though. That was one of the best things he could have heard.
"There are jobs here,...."

And there were. The university was considered one of the better law schools in the country for a reason, and part of that reason was the abundance of resources around. One of his professors had even been making noises about wanting to recruit him for one of those resources, citing his love of languages.

".....and in the Netherlands."

The international court was there, and several other such courts. As well as many other affiliated offices.

"But your's is here."
"I want you to understand that your decisions don't need to be based on mine. I can pick up my business and start again anywhere. I already know what I can do and how to do it." He set the beer on the table, holding Willem's gaze intently. "You are going to be finishing school. You need to find the best opportunity. And if that is not here. Liberty. The US. Then you need to take it. We can make more decisions from there. I don't want you to limit yourself."
He felt warmth bubble up in his chest, love and joy and gratitude for the support all tumbling together in his chest and lighting up his face in a smile even as he asked the question he had to ask.

"You'd leave everything you've built, start over someplace almost completely different, to be with me?"
"If you give me enough advance warning, I could get everything in order. I have the means to do so."

He smiled back, reaching over to take Willem's hand.

"I've thought it over a lot. You are worth it to me. Absolutely."


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He set his beer down, placed his other hand over their joined ones. Raising Kiku's, he pressed a kiss to the knuckles, the back of the hands held in his to show his gratitude.

"You're worth staying for," he replied seriously. "So it's about where the better offer is."

And there were other reasons he would stay. He had friends here, the animals wouldn't have to go on an overseas plane ride, and he found himself falling in love with the city.

But Kiku was the most important of that, and he would follow the Dutchman if the better offer was in the Netherlands.

And wow did that make Willem feel amazing.
"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm..."

He squeezed Willem's hands, feeling a nervous surge in his stomach. It was too big to ask, just yet. but testing the waters...that would be fine.

"I'm prepared for the long haul. If you are."
He squeezed back, nerves and warmth in his chest. The confidence in the other man's voice buoyed him though, the way he said it as a simple fact settled him.

"I am," he replied.
"Not yet. It's too early. But...maybe after your graduation, depending on where we settle down..." He wet his lips, eyes darting to the table and back up to Willem's.

"It may make things easier for us. Financially and with other paperwork...if we were to plan for the future. For our future."
He nodded.

"The house would be a start."

They could go ahead and start putting money down on it, have it for themselves if they stayed and leave it having paid hardly any more money if they went.
He nodded. "It would be a good investment, if you manage to get a good offer around here. And not much of a loss if you don't. Either way, we can paint the walls."

With another squeeze, he let go, settling back into his chair. Pochi had taken to rolling on his back in the grass, wiggling paws just visible above the green. Kiku sipped his beer.

"If we're talking about that far in advance..."
"I'm thinking blue for the bedroom, something light for the kitchen."

He grinned at the paws wiggling above the grass, feeling at once lighter and more grounded then he had been in months.



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