Kiku Honda (mystiklsushi) wrote in lolocracy,
Kiku Honda

All I want for Christmas...

Who: Kiku and Wilm
Where: home
When: Christmas Morning
What: A question a long time in coming.

Kiku yawned, stretching from his comfortable spot in the bed. The covers were warm, and warmer still to his right, where he instinctively curled so as to snuggle against Willem's chest. Though they'd cleaned up, the smell of sex lingered on them both, a salty tang clinging to them both above the soft  snatches of detergent in the sheets and in their clothes. Kiku breathed it in deeply, triggering another sleepy yawn. His limbs were not quite up to the task of moving yet, especially not after the late night they'd spent, but his mind was slowly informing him that daylight had started and that it was Christmas. 

Not that it was enough to make him want to get out of bed just yet. He tangled his legs together with Willem's, enjoying the closeness and the warmth and the feeling that came from knowing there was no work to go to that day.
Tags: japan, netherlands, status: incomplete
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