Kiku Honda (mystiklsushi) wrote in lolocracy,
Kiku Honda

The Talk

Who: Kiku and Willem
When: Aug 25th, afternoon
Where: The back patio of the rental house
What: Time to discuss the future.

Kiku had felt a little bold suggesting that they change the lease on their house. He knew what he was implying, and he knew that it was Serious Business. The topic wasn't money or painting the walls. It was creating a life together with Willem. And he was asking if the other was ready for more than a prearranged pay-date on the little house they had fixed up. What he was asking for had no easy out if things fell flat. Willem was still young. He was still in school. His family...

Even so, Kiku wanted to present the option. And to let him know that if Willem wanted, they could begin planning for the long term.

He stepped onto the patio, Pochi wriggling around his legs as soon as the door was open so that he could play in the grass, and set two cans of beer on the table. 

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